Wednesday, June 9, 2010


sorry it has been so long till this post i have just been having problems with what to write about. so i decided i would talk about parkour. lately i have been practicing this new sport called parkour. parkour originated in the french army as obstacle course training. it is they act of finding the quickest path from point a to point b using only the human body while overcoming obstacles. it involves jumping, catching, and flipping. when i started getting more and more into this sport i knew there had to be some deeper spiritual message that could come out of it. so I have been thinking what spiritual message can i get out of parkour. this is what I came up with the shortest way between two objects or places is a straight line correct? and the bible talks about taking the straight a narrow path and never leaving or falling off that path because if you do the devil will try to devour you. but as fellow Christians we all know just because we are on the right path it does not mean the devil will not throw obstacles are way. so in our spiritual life when the devil throws an obstacle we can not let it stray us from our path we are on a mission and we can not take the time to get off the path then attempt to get pack on. just like in parkour we need to train our bodies and our mind so that when we need to do something and an obstacle try to stop us we will be able to leap or flip over the obstacle without a thought and not let it slow us down.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things are not always as they appear.

If you look at the pencil it appears to be broken but it obviosly is not. The pencil is just like choices and sin. At first glance sin can seem to be the easy way out or the cool thing to do but you have to look farther than that. Choices are the same way you can not just flat out decide to do something before you even think about it. You have to actually take time to pray about stuff before you just go ahead and do stuf. If I where to see all of my friends smoking and drinking at first thought I might think that I should go ahead and smoke and drink too. Sense they are all doing it how bad could it really be but you have to have the sense to take the pencil out of the water and see what it really is. In this example when you take the pencil out of the water you would see that it could ruin you lungs and stuff for the rest of your life.

Be smart enough to take the pencil out of the water.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Blog

This is my first blog ever so bear with me. I decided to get this blog because my older brother is always blogging here. It sounded fun so I said why not. It took me a while to actually decide what I wanted my blog to be about but I finally decided to just write about my thoughts. So I hope my thoughts are interesting, I think they are lol.

Blog name I decided to use this name because to me it means a lot. I was in sixth grade life was good and easy and I was going to christian school when my parents told me we could no longer afford Calvary Christian School and that we where going to go to a public school (Twenhofel Middle School). I could not believe it public school wow I was scared and nervous. Now I have been there for over a year and every day it is a test of my faith. I have to remind myself a lot that this life my life is not mine but God's and I need to make Him proud so I am going to live my life loud because when I die I want God to be proud.